Aamir Khan wants to give a doll to son Azad

Katrina's Barbie collector doll is based on her character Aaliya from 'Dhoom 3', who is an acrobat dancer. Aamir's collector doll is based on his character Sahir, a performer in contemporary circus and is secretly a cool and clever thief. "I love this idea of dolls. 

Aamir Khan with son Azad

I would like to give one to Azad. I am excited as this is my first ever collector doll based on my movie character. I have worked closely on developing my look in 'Dhoom 3'," Aamir said here. Katrina too is happy about the look.

After successfully immortalising several Hollywood celebrities and characters from international blockbusters such as 'Twilight' and 'Hungers Games', Mattel has now forayed into Bollywood with its first Indian film association.

Mattel has associated with 'Dhoom 3' to create a limited edition of collector dolls based on characters of Aamir and Katrina.  

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