Aamir relishes traditional food across India as part of 'pk' promotions

Aamir Khan appears to be on a gastronomic journey while criss-crossing the nation for the promotions of his film, 'pk'.

The star won’t reveal much about the film, instead he has been making stops at traditional food joints.

Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan tucks into biryani in Hyderabad. Pic/ PTI

In Patna, he dug into the local delicacy litti-chokha, in Benares it was the well-known silver foil-laced paan, while in Hyderabad it was plates of spicy biryani. At this rate people have been wondering if Mr Perfectionist is promoting a food show or 'pk'.

Or perhaps his character in the film has something to do with all that he is chomping on as part of the promotions.

More importantly, we hear that the fitness-conscious actor has also stopped looking at the weighing scale. As they say, anything for a film!

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