AAP leader arrested for allegedly raping married woman in Delhi

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An Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader was arrested for raping a woman on the pretext of providing her a job, police said Tuesday.

New Delhi: An Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader has been arrested for allegedly raping a woman on the pretext of providing her a job, police said today.

The accused, identified as Raman Swami, was arrested on January 25. He was sent to judicial custody till February 8.

As per the complainant, the woman had met Swami, a resident of Harikesh Nagar in south Delhi, recently and requested him to help her get employment.

"The woman told us that Swami then asked her to meet him in Okhla area. When she reached there, he took the woman to a house in his car and raped her and threatened her not to reveal the incident to anybody," a police official said.

A police officer said, "On Jan 25, he asked her to meet him in the Okhla area. When she reached there, he took the woman to a house in his car and raped her."

The officer added that Swami also threatened her with dire consequences if she told anyone about the assault.

The woman, however, reported the incident to the police. She was sent for medical examination which confirmed rape after which Swami was arrested, police said.

Swami joined AAP before Delhi assembly elections last year and had also sought a ticket from Okhla constituency.

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  • Ritesh Singh05-Feb-2014

    What lies on the minds of such creeps? What urges them to commit such heinous crime!! Don't they feel ashamed? Don't their conscious stops them doing it?? even once?

  • Rojar M Jose05-Feb-2014

    This person is not AAP leader, just member, don't understand why the news paper selects the title "AAP Leader". Now AAP has more than 1 crore member, it they call same for each one

  • Rohinton Dumasia05-Feb-2014

    In a hurry to recruit numbers seems AAP has landed with characters like these. A classic case of numbers vs quality. An example must be made of this animal

  • Prathiba the Great05-Feb-2014

    If the news is right the criminal should be killed by AAP workers. No excuse!

  • Sandeep Nair05-Feb-2014

    Dear Mr Kejriwal, Am deeply shocked to read about this incident. Like all Indian parties, even AAP has dirty mindset people working in it. Now whats next I wonder? Do you have anything to say? Can you come out on National TV and talk about this incident? Atleast let people know that you will not tolerate this and will not allow this to happen again

  • A Shaikh05-Feb-2014

    Is it possible that a Mr. A rapes Miss C and C traps Mr. B, medical report just says rape and does not reveals name of rapist, and yet police catches Mr. B just because C is a women and she cannot be wrong.

  • sudhir sethi05-Feb-2014

    Dear Arvind, First throw out the person in question.And then depute some one to see that the gentle lay is given justice.Pls send out some strong signals .

  • Savyasanchi06-Feb-2014

    AAP ki to LAGG gayee.....!!!!

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