AAP should look beyond scams

Ever since Arvind Kejriwal announced the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), it has been at the centre of fierce debate, whether in boardrooms, local trains or galli mohallas. This isn’t surprising, as the party is selling the utopian ideal of an improved nation, and says it will get there by vanquishing the scourge of corruption.

So, is this all for real? The fact that there is no talk beyond scams and corruptions is cause for concern. A cursory look at the results of past elections will prove beyond doubt that many candidates have made it to the august houses, despite having serious allegations levelled against them. People are simply used to corruption.

Certainly, the people will welcome with open arms humble candidates with clean track records, who are accessible to their electorates and are armed with the zeal to work for the cause of the common people. The present generation is aware that these are the qualities that will ensure that their needs are looked after — a hassle-free life, availability of jobs, opportunities for growth, efficient and responsible administration, as well as the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your tax money is being put to good use.

For all these goals to be reached, it is not just a corruption-free society that is the need of the hour, but a clear agenda with economic and social parameters. While the absence of corruption could get the ball rolling for the realisation of these ideals, that has to be supplemented by other efforts that empower the common man.

All the parties actively involved in politics in India keep the common man at the centre of their activities. No surprises there, as the aam aadmi is the most committed voter. The real problem is more the gap between the lip service and meagre action, once the political parties are elected to power.

For the AAP to succeed, it needs to offer some dynamic changes in the system of governance with economic and social changes to boot. 

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