Aashka Goradia to be 'ichadhaari' honey bee in 'Naagin'

May 24, 2016, 19:00 IST | Letty Mariam Abraham

After maintaining the top position for weeks, Ekta Kapoor's popular show 'Naagin' finds a new reason to go viral again. We were first exposed to the shape-shifting 'naagins' in the daily soap. Then they introduced the shape-shifting mongoose and peacock. And if that was not enough, Ekta has now introduced an 'ichadhaari madhumakhi' (honey bee). Yes, you read that right!

It’s strange to notice that all the animals introduced are automatically negative except the snake who is in love. Then again, the snake is the lead of the show, right? However, we think it’s about time that the makers introduce some shape-shifting animals to support the good snake, Shivanya (played by Mouni Roy). If that doesn’t happen soon, people may start believing that animals don’t believe in love.

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Coming back to the shape-shifting honeybee played by Aashka Goradia, the actress dons a golden dress to match it to the honeycomb as she plays queen bee. The bee will help Sesha (Adaa Khan) kill Shivanya. But, mind you, the queen bee is not about to use her stinger to do the job. She sends her minions to do her bidding.

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We are eagerly waiting to catch Aashka switch over to a bee.

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