A mother-of-all 'mob' songs in Shanghai is going to star Emraan Hashmi, and according to sources, co-star Deol is not particularly pleased

Abhay Deol may be director Dibakar Bannerjee's blue-eyed boy, but in the underproduction film Shanghai, Emraan Hashmi is stealing his thunder. For the film, Bannerjee will shoot what is being termed a mother-of-all 'mob' songs, where over 500 individuals including trained street dancers and onlookers will shake a leg.

Abhay Deol

However, it will be Hashmi and not Deol who will star in the song. According to sources, Deol is unhappy about this, because his co-star might steal the limelight with a song that is likely to become popular.

Emraan Hashmi

The original plan, according to a source, was to shoot the number in Latur and Baramati, where most of Shanghai was shot. However, the number of onlookers that showed up deterred Bannerjee from shooting it there. This apparently also gave the producers the idea that Hashmi should star in the song.

The source said, "At any give time during the shooting in Baramati and Latur, there were at least 5,000 locals who'd arrrive to catch a glimpse of Hashmi. Seeing this, Dibakar decided to shoot the song with Emraan."

When contacted, Bannerjee denied any rivalry between the two lead actors. "The decision to do the song with Emraan was not sudden. We decided to do the song after the rest of the film was shot because the rains in Baramati and Latur made it impossible to shoot a song."

The song in question is called Bharat Mata Ki Jai and is also being called the 'anthem of destruction' because it is supposed to be a strong critique of modern-day Indian politics.