Actor Abhay Deol isn't someone who would be too effusive in his praise for anyone. But the actor, who has just returned from Shanghai having met the beautiful Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson, seems to be bowled over. "She's even more gorgeous than Woody Allen makes her out to be," he laughs. The jet lagged actor talks to CS about the party where he met Scarlett:

A new friendship
Good music and good company make for a great party, don't they? I enjoyed meeting Scarlett. I thought she was really sweet and very pretty. And we had something in common -- we were both extremely jet lagged and tired. We met like two people meeting for the first time and bonded over travel and India. She's very fascinated by our country, having been here twice, while I have lived in New York for a couple of years. So we did have quite a bit to talk about. And yes, we didn't discuss work or our films.

The Indian dream...
It was a thrill to be in Shanghai for various reasons -- one, because this was my first time there and two, because I'm also starring in a film called Shanghai. It's such a beautiful and well-organised city that I couldn't help wondering whether we could ever realise the Indian dream of being like Shanghai. Just building sky-scrapers won't transform our cityscape. We still have potholes all over the city, and the monsoons have just made our infrastructural problems even more glaring. If we're still dealing with the same old issues after all these years of wanting to turn into a Shanghai, we obviously haven't done things right. Their sewage system works while ours doesn't. And it isn't just the government that needs to be blamed. I think we first need to change ourselves and our lifestyles. We too can use compost so that we don't make a mess of our drains. It isn't always about blaming the authorities.