Able minds on 70 mm

We Care is a film festival that focuses on disability issues. Go for it to get over the many myths surrounding those differently abled

Physical disability is no longer a challenge these days. It speaks volumes about self-determination of a disabled person. Take for instance, Rajinder Johar. He fought all odds after being shot as a result of a professional rivalry 24 years ago and is almost completely paralysed since then.

He had been pronounced hundred per cent disabled by doctors but instead of losing hope, he changed the way people look at disability by his great works. He had been helping other individuals with disabilities to stand on their feet. He didn't only turn the tables but also changed the lives of other disabled people in India.
That is the story of a documentary named Still Standing written, directed and produced by Rajinder's son Pankaj.

It is but one of the many films being showcased at the ninth edition of the We Care film festival. The international travelling festival features documentaries on disability issues. The three-day film festival features many award-winning national and international films.

"We are screening the best films of the last five years. There are films like Smile Pinki, which is the story of a five-year-old girl with a cleft lip who is not allowed to attend school. Pinky is left to live her life in darkness until one day a doctor comes to her rescue and does the surgery for free," says Satish Kapoor, founder director of Brotherhood and We Care film fest.

"The festival is full of other awe-inspiring movies like the movie Departure Lounge, which shows the life of an old couple who speak in BSL (British Sign Language) as the husband is deaf and how they affect life of other people around," adds Kapoor.

"The focus of this festival is to create awareness among people about the larger issues of disability using the medium of films. How many of you while getting into an elevator have ever wondered if there is a passage of a wheel chair?" says Professor Ashok ogra, Director of the Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication. So, this disability awareness week go watch this festival as you get rid of the misconceptions surrounding disability issues.

At: Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication, Sector 8, Dwarka
On: Today and tomorrow
Timings: 10.30 am onwards
Call: 9899556088

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