2,430 abused kids await justice

State government was tasked with responsibility of setting up special courts to exclusively try offences against children and though provisions have been in existence since 2007, it is yet to become a reality. Number of cases growing alarmingly since 2003

As the country celebrates Children's Day, MiD DAY shows you the darker side of fate that burdens the life of over 2.5 lakh children in Karnataka.

You've seen them clean streets, picking up garbage, waiting on tables and washing vessels at hotels, working at construction sites and fixing bikes and cars at mechanic shops.

Lacking hope, as tears trickle down their faces, they toil all year round to earn enough to survive the day.
This Children's Day, as the nation pays tribute to the maker of modern India, Jawaharlal Nehru, his vision for children in India is lost amidst the growing number of child labourers in the country.

Over 60 million children battle the menace of child labour in India. Karnataka ranks second in the country to have recorded a consistent increase in the number of child labourers.

Weight of the world: JP Nagar

In hopes to melt the tough hearts of those who ill-treat children, MiD DAY presents to you the lifestory of these children of a lesser god, whose innocence is stolen at a tender age and who have been forced by poverty and hunger to make a living for themselves.

Child abuse cases (2011)

Child abuse cases (2o10)

Cases pending in bangalore urban

MiD DAY ran a photo contest for readers in its 'Fight Against Child Labour Campaign' last week. These are the three prize winning photos from the many entries we received. Winning photos will be
awarded Rs 1,000 (1st), Rs 500 each (2nd and 3rd)

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