'Acche Din' was never BJP's slogan: Union minister

Indore: Union Steel and Mines Minister Narendra Tomar on Monday claimed 'Acche Din' (good times) was never a BJP slogan in the 2014 general elections and was attributed to it by social media users.

"It started on social media that 'Acche Din' will come and (Congress vice president) Rahul Gandhi will have to go and people attributed to it to the BJP.

We accept it in all humility but it was never our slogan," he told media persons to questions if in light of rising prices, especially of onions, the Bharatiya Janata Party's poll slogan was still valid.

Tomar, who was state unit chief before becoming union minister, said those people who say 'Acche Din' have not come, should adopt a constructive approach and then they will understand the situation.



  • Amit Shah25-Aug-2015

    Again lies, Adds showed Modi say this line Abb Aache din aane wale hai

  • venkataUS25-Aug-2015

    Actually It was Mr Manmohan Singh who told "achche din ane wala hai" in a seminar in 2013. Mr Narendra modi seconded it in an election rally. The press and others continued projecting as BJP' slogan. But unfortunately Mr Tomar's statement shows the BJP is running away from working for achche din.

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