A day after a motorist died in the first fatal car mishap on the Eastern Freeway, there was another accident on the highway. No one died in the mishap.

According to the traffic department officials, the incident happened because of an oil spill on a small patch near Mazgoan.

The incident took place at around 8.45 pm when a South Mumbai-bound motorist lost control and rammed into the divider between Wadala and Raey Road and jumped onto the North lane.

The accident led to traffic jam on the North-bound lane.

According to Senior Police Inspector Traffic (Pydhonie) G.B. Rekulwar, "The incident occurred at around 8.30-8.45 pm when a south bound vehicle travelling via eastern freeway lost control and rammed into the divider and flower pots and jumped into the North bound stretch. No one was injured in the accident. This is the same location where there have been accidents earlier as well. The accident took place on the Eastern Freeway stretch between Wadala and Reay Road."

On Monday morning, a motorist had died and another person was injured when their vehicle lost control and rammed into the divider and jumped onto the other side.