MiD DAY had reported earlier that an activist had filed a complaint with the police commissioner stating that Delhi State Rifle Association was using an improper version of the emblem in its official logo. The motif has now been modified.

Under fire over 'misusing and disrespecting' the national emblem, the Delhi state rifle association (DSRA) has been forced to change its logo. 

Mark of a nation: The State Emblem of India is an adaptation from 
the Sarnath Lion, capital of Emperor Ashoka, as preserved at the 
Sarnath Museum. The government adopted the emblem on 26th January
, 1950, the day when India became republic. 

As reported by MiD DAY on September 14, a Delhi-based activist had filed a complaint with the Commissioner of Police, Delhi for violation of the State Emblem of India (Prohibition of Improper Use) Act 2005 and the State Emblem of India (Regulation of Use) Rules 2007 by the association. After receiving the complaint Delhi police contacted DSRA. The national emblem did not have 'Satyamev Jayte' written below it. 

Change is here: The new logo of Delhi state rifle association

Now DSRA has a new logo on its website. "Thankfully they have rectified the error as normally agencies ignore such complaints. We had also informed police about the selling of plastic tricolours on the streets of Delhi recently. Around 30,000 flags were seized but no strict action was taken. It is our country and we should give proper respect to the nation," said complainant Naresh Kadyan.

MiD DAY's story of September 14. pics/MiD DAY

Quick draw
Kadyan had also filed an RTI plea with the ministry of home affairs to find out about the proper usage of the emblem. "For ensuring correct display of the complete profile of the 'State Emblem' with the motto 'Satyameva Jayate', this ministry circulated the state emblem of India (regulation of use Rules, 2007 on 19.10.2007 and then sent an advisory to all the state government/UT administrations for correct display of the complete profile of the state emblem on 19.11.2007, 22.09.2009, 07.09.2010, 01.02.2011 and again on 26.07.2011. 

An advertisement regarding correct/proper use of the State Emblem of India was also published in 25 leading newspaper of India on 31.08.2011/ 01.09.2011. The onus for actual implementation and enforcement of the instructions issued on the subject lies with the authorities under whose territorial jurisdiction any such act of omission takes place," said the reply of the ministry to the plea. 

First punch
Naresh Kadyan had also complained against boxer Vijender Singh earlier, who had printed the national emblem on his wedding card. "No major prosecution was carried out. I have also made a complaint about security firms who use the emblem on their uniform. Even some government agencies are flouting all rules while using the symbol," he said.