"There is something of a Walter Mitty in most people, especially in a football scribe like K Bhaskaran. Long years as an observer of the game, of watching players scaling the heights that make them accomplished masters have culminated in the writing of this book where he has made a perceptive analysis of the game and its heroes."

K Bhaskaran
K Bhaskaran 

The bio sketch of the author on the inside dust jacket of Wills Book of Excellence – Football described Bhaskaran's contribution to the beautiful game aptly. The Bandra (East)-based former sports writer passed away yesterday in his early 80s. After ending his innings with The Times of India, Bhaskaran wrote regularly for mid-day. The quiet achiever also authored a well-received book previewing the 1990 World Cup in Italy.

PK pays tribute
Golden great PK Banerjee reacted with extreme sadness to the news of Bhaskaran's death. "This is a sad day and I have lost a very good friend. He was a very knowledgeable football writer, very upright and wrote on what he saw. There were no faltu stories from Bhaskaran," the former India football captain told mid-day over the phone from Kolkata.

Bhaskaran's contemporary Raju Bharatan waxed eloquent: "He was genuinely humble and never aspired to bombshell. His reports were very detailed, describing every move. Bhaskaran was full of integrity and had rare commitment. He covered football and basketball extensively but he also reported on other sports, including cricket."