Mumbai: AICC secretary and former Mumbai MP Sanjay Nirupam on Wednesday urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to fulfil his pre-poll promise of action against BJP MPs with criminal records.

Sanjay Nirupam
Former Mumbai MP Sanjay Nirupam. File Pic

"Modi said in a TV interview that criminalisation of politics was a big problem in India. He had even given a solution he would hand over all the affidavits with criminal records of the MPs to the Supreme Court and ask them to develop a mechanism to fast-track these cases," Nirupam said, quoting his letter to the PM on the issue.

Nirupam pointed out that in the 16th Lok Sabha (2014 elections), of the 280 BJP MPs elected, 97 have serious criminal cases pending against them. These include 63 with offences ranging from murder, kidnapping and other crimes.

In Maharashtra, six BJP MPs have criminal records, including four against whom cases are currently pending for serious offences.

"Even MPs from other political parties have such criminal records, but charity must begin at home. I request you to kindly forward the sworn affidavits of these 97 MPs to the Supreme Court Chief Justice, arrange for starting the case hearings and ensure daily monitoring action," Nirupam urged.

He pointed out that Modi had said: "After the formation of the new government, I will request the Supreme Court to complete hearing of all cases pending against MPs in one year. Those who are innocent will remain in parliament, while the guilty will go to jail."

He suggested Modi should appoint an official in the PMO to monitor these cases.