Act now to save young lives from Meow Meow

Meow Meow looks like cocaine, is 20 times cheaper, more dangerous, and not illegal. With children as young as 14 addicted to it, Meow Meow is a dangerous drug which also goes by the name of mephedrone or M-Cat.

According to an investigative report published in this paper yesterday, the use of this drug is increasing throughout the city. With the New Year season upon us, there is little doubt that demand for the drug is going to zoom shortly, which compounds the problem.

Meow Meow is not as expensive as other drugs. Consequently, children and youngsters can access it easier than other drugs. Its effect though is as serious as the others’.

It also increases sexual urges. The report stated children as young as 14, hooked on the drug, visit the city’s red-light district to satisfy themselves. A young user said that he watched pornography for a couple of hours to satisfy his sexual urge.

What is most disturbing is the very young age at which these users are getting addicted. The average age is between 17 to 24 but there are several who are much younger.

With authorities waking up to the extent of the problem, it is time the Centre moves to ban this drug under the Narcotics Act. Because child users are visiting red-light areas after using this drug, they are in danger of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. The state health department needs to play a vital role in putting pressure upon the Centre to act.

While banning is one part of the solution, addiction needs a multi-pronged approach. Parents and families need to learn about the symptoms of drug abuse. They should stop living in denial. Finally, they must support their children during the rehabilitation process, as several youngsters have stated that family support plays a huge part. Extensive campaigns about drug use being ‘uncool’ will help. There is a lot of peer pressure on youngsters and they need to be told how to counter that.

Meow Meow needs urgent and immediate attention. Act against it now, so that it does not devour more young lives and souls.


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