Posters that were displayed to highlight the inauguration of Metro launch that coincided with Rajyotsava day lay scattered on MG road; activists say it mars the image

The Metro fever may have died down, but the ruling party still wants to bask in the glory of its achievement.

Days after they posted faces of their leaders, while celebrating Rajyotsava earlier this month, all over the city in fancy posters, activists are now up in arms against the political party as the littered posters are menace in the city.

Shopkeeepers claim the old posters are removed at night and
littered on the road, causing an inconvenience to all

The entire MG Road stretch is full of littered posters around the Metro station in the area has left many activists infuriated.

Furthermore, many shopkeepers in the area allege that since MG Road has become the centre of attention due to the Metro, they are being forced to stick BJP symbols and posters on their shops. "There is a group of people who rip out the posters in the night and paste new ones.

All the posters wish the city for Rajyotsava. Even though the event is over, political leaders should realise that the posters are an inconvenience to us," said Alam Khan, a shopkeeper in Shringar Complex on MG Road.

The entire MG Road stretch has over 30 pillars and all of them are plastered with various posters. When certain activist groups approached the cops in the area for the problem, they were told to back off.

"We questioned the cops at night, when the posters were being stuck. They told us to back off and not mess with the ruling party," said Jasmine, a student activist.

When questioned, the Cubbon Park Police claimed that they had no say in the matter and could not stop the BJP supporters from putting up posters.

The Chief Minister's office too remained tight-lipped about the issue. "There are still thousands of these posters lying around the party office. This needs to be showcased and Metro is our achievement. We need to reiterate the point into people's head," argued an official from the CM's office.