Actor Gaurav Kothari faces near-death experience on shoot

Chulbuli Pandey

Actor Gaurav Kothari braved the jungle and faced a near-death experience while shooting for Bharat Jain's film '6-5=2'. He says, "I had to hang from a tree for a scene."

Gaurav Kothari
Gaurav Kothari

"While shooting for it, I fell unconscious. The unit hands got me off the tree and I just passed out. They were worried till I regained consciousness," he says.

'6-5=2' is a film with real locations. Gaurav took up the film because he could be himself in it.

"I walked a lot during the shoot, lost weight and nearly died, but I enjoyed myself to the hilt," admits Gaurav, who is also the face of an XL clothing brand. The actor is also keen that the makers plan a sequel of the film.

As he puts it,"Bharat Jain was the one who dared to touch upon an unexplored format. He is the hero of '6-5=2'. The rest of us were simply moulded by him."

'6-5=2' releases on November 14.

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