Actor shoots in Mumbai while cops hunt for him

Just another day in Bollywood that would make your jaws drop. While the city police was apparently busy hunting for Zeke-Ur-Rehman aka Zaki Khan for his involvements in illegal activities, the small-time actor was actually shooting for an upcoming film Lakeer Ka Fakeer right here on the streets of Mumbai.

Zaki Khan
Zaki Khan

According to sources, Zaki had apparently jumped bail and had been on the Mumbai police’s wanted list for over five years. However, the director of the film Zubair Khan claims he had no inkling of Zaki’s brush with the law.

Zaki Khan
Zaki Khan blatantly moving around during the shoot

Around eight months back, the police caught up with Zaki, who is an under trial at the Arthur Road jail currently.

Zubair Khan
Zubair Khan

A source says, “Zaki was wanted by the police for many cases and many illegal activities. Incidentally, at the same time he was roaming around scot-free, shooting for the film in the city.”

While confirming that Zaki was indeed part of his film, Zubair states, “I had no clue that he was wanted by the police. I learnt about that when he was arrested and it was a huge shock for me. But by then I had already shot my film and I am in no position to re-shoot the portions. I had to retain his portions. However, I will abide by the law in case I am required for any information.”

Incidentally, Zubair knew Zaki since childhood and gave the aspiring actor a chance in his film for old times’ sake. He says, “I was aware of his previous underworld connections. But he told me that he has reformed. He was looking at starting his life afresh. It was shocking to know that he was a wanted criminal.” 



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