'Umrao Jaan' director Muzaffar Ali, who is coming up with his new film 'Jaanisaar', says actors are nowadays unsure about working with independent filmmakers as they are more inclined towards big budget and mainstream cinema.

Muzaffar Ali
Muzaffar Ali 

At a media interaction for "Jaanisaar", Ali spoke about the current mindset among actors, and shared: "In India, there are several actors. Whenever they feel that something positive is going to happen in their life, they get inclined towards multi-starrer, big banner and studio films. And before working with independent filmmakers, they think 100 times, eventually getting into a dilemma of which one to go for.

"In cinema, both good and bad things always happen. Artists are born and are finished regularly. There are actors who don't compromise and there are some who do compromise. More the number of mouths, more the talks. What is the way you want to move forward with, how you want to live and what you want to say, is eventually what your journey is."

However, Imran Abbas, who plays the male lead in "Jaanisaar", didn't have any apprehensions about taking up a role in the movie.

"According to the demand of the script, we needed a boy like Imran. He had the guts to say 'yes' to me. It's a big thing that he came forward during such a period," added the filmmaker, who is also an accomplished fashion designer.

"Jaanisaar" is slated to release on August 7. It marks the debut of stylist Pernia Qureshi.