Ad showing woman's breasts causes 500 car crashes in just one day

London: An advertisement featuring woman’s breasts was responsible for causing over 500 road accidents in just one day.

The ads, which were placed the side of 30 trucks, showed a woman cupping her breasts in her hands where the nipples were covered with a thin blue strip which read “They Attract,” the Daily Star reported.

After the vehicles were reported to have caused 517 accidents as they wheeled around the streets, the police sent out patrols to remove the vans from Moscow roads.

A spokesman for the Sarafan Advertising Agency, which was responsible for the promotion said they had intended to bring a new advertising format onto the market by placing their ads on the sides of trucks as an alternative to putting them on the sides of public transport.

However, since there had been so many accidents, they would be providing the victims who weren’t covered by insurance with compensation.

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