Adah Sharma on mouthing explicit words in her next film

Eyebrows were raised when the promos of her film that have gone on air showed the actress mouthing some explicit words.

Adah Sharma

Says Adah, “The comments are very encouraging and people have been sending me all kinds of feedback for my dialogues where I say ‘saala maza ah gaya’ and ‘m***r’ just before the hero shuts my mouth. I guess it is hitting the right notes for the audience. The fun part is that people have not recognised me from my previous film 1920.”

The actress admits that she liked doing things that make her step out of her comfort zone. “I wish I could do at least one thing that makes me uncomfortable in every film. That’s the only way one can push forward as an actor. Also why should only boys have all the fun as they are the ones always portrayed saying explicit words?”

So much so that apparently Adah’s parents too have been very supporting when it came to her abusing on screen for the film. “My mom was aware as I was rehearsing the dialogues at home before I shot the scene,” adds the actress.  

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