Aditi Sharma gets injured in kite flying

Feb 18, 2016, 07:03 IST | IANS

While Aditi Sharma is seen as a champion of kite flying in popular soap opera 'Gangaa', the actress is totally opposite to her reel image in real life. During the shooting of an upcoming kite flying sequence, Aditi injured herself by cutting her palms and even foot with the 'manjha'.

As per the episode, Aditi was required to fly kites like a champ. However, she ended up getting injured by the 'manjha' (kite string)

“You would think that one gets cuts and bruises while doing an action scene. But it was an eye opener that even family drama shoots can lead to injuries. It wasn't too bad but yes I have become quite the kite runner now,” Aditi said in a statement.

Aditi plays the title role in 'Gangaa', which is aired on &TV.

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