For Lal Krishna Advani, a big question to answer will be this: what did he achieve by throwing tantrums soon after Gujarat CM Narendra Modi was announced as party’s campaign committee chief?

The signs of unrest were all there. From day one of the Goa conclave, questions were raised about his absence, and the media repeatedly focussed on his decision to skip the event.

As reported by us, the BJP tried hard to pacify Advani on Sunday. He was persuaded against quitting the party posts. Party stalwarts were aware of all the developments, and the possible fallout that may occur as a result of his resignation. Even Advani was aware of the developments in Goa, despite his absence. He was also aware of the fact that Modi was going to be named the campaign committee chief.

So the question remains: what did Advani wish to achieve at the age of 85, at the twilight of his political career, by raising a storm like that? Even if he wanted the post of prime minister only for six months, it wasn’t going to prove much.

Perhaps the leader wanted recognition from the party, which he led for decades. In his prime, his words were final and no one would dare cross him on that. As his supremacy gradually waned, he found it difficult to digest that he had to bargain for his demands. Apart from the post of the prime minister, he had wanted Rajnath Singh to lead the campaign committee and Modi to remain the convener.

These demands further led to his downfall, as the party didn’t think twice before turning him down. The episode was nothing but a melodramatic finale to Advani’s long, five-act political play that has kept the nation rivetted for decades.