The project has been approved by the state government in 1997 under the Maharashtra Regional Town Planning Act 1966, and the plans were recently accepted by the district town planning department.

The district collector has been appointed the project's controlling officer.

Elaborating about the features of this project, district collector Vikas Deshmukh told media persons that the venture would be beneficial for those whose annual income is less than Rs 1 Lakh, but want to build their own houses.

"Those who want to develop a dwelling under this scheme don't have to take separate permission for the construction. The tehsildar will give temporary no-objection certificate (NOC) within seven days, and construction work will start immediately. One month before end of the construction, the owner should report to the tehsildar and then the inspection of the house will be done," said Deshmukh.

The district collector informed that houses would be available in three different-sized plots. "The dwellings should be built on plots of 323, 430 and 538 square feet. No construction would be allowed on private, forest or agricultural land using this plan," said Deshmukh.