After ruling the silver screen for over three decades, superstar Mohanlal is treading into the world of music.

He has made it official that his music band would be named 'Lalisom' - The Lal Effect.

Announcing the development Tuesday night, he said his band will hold its first show in January 2015. The show will have a hologram that will project his image in a life-sized 3D format.

"I wish to give back to all, the support that they extended to me, through music, and it (the show) would have images of my films and also my life," said the actor.

Popularly referred to as Lal, now an enigma to his fans and well-wishers, this music band would be the vehicle that Mohanlal would now ride on to relive his wonderful journey that he had started from the late 1970s.

In his musical journey through his band, he will have the support of his friend and ace director Priyadarshan, who will be with him to give valuable inputs to infuse magical realism into the band.

Mohanlal said he would be travelling with his band across the world to hold stage shows and given his class, it would certainly be a treat to watch and to hear.