After home ministry, Mumbai police sends schools its safety guidelines

Just a day after mid-day reported about the Union home ministry’s directive uploaded on the CBSE website advising schools on how they can tighten security, Mumbai Police has sent similar directions to schools and college across the city.

The circular outlines the different security measures that institutes need to implement. A specific mention has been given to safety regulations for school buses both official and privately operated. “Most schools have already got high boundary walls and CCTV cameras across the campus.

This circular highlights some other points that can be implemented easily. We will see how best to execute them in our campus,” said Fr Francis Swamy, coordinator of Jesuit Schools of Mumbai. “Visitors should be frisked in case they are carrying objectionable articles and be allowed in only after prior appointment with the principal,” states the city police’s circular.

It further states that parents shouldn’t be allowed in classrooms and be asked to leave immediately after their work is done. “Recent incidents of molestation on school buses has left authorities and parents very concerned about their children’s safety.

Therefore, most schools have implemented safety measures which include training of staff members and other personnel,” said the coordinator of a city school, urging all schools to adhere to the guidelines.

The circular
>> Institutes need to have 8-foot-high cement boundary walls topped by barbed/concertina wires 
>> At least three security personnel should be present round the clock 
>> Need for an entry system for parents and outsiders, and so on 
>> Temporary staff like labourers need to be issued ID cards, so that no unauthorised person enters under their name
>> It recommends regular checks and moderation of school bus staff, and training workshops for all



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