After nearly 60 years, beards are back at Disney

Six of Snow White's seven dwarves have them, along with Merlin the Magician and Aladdin's genie, and now men working at Disneyland and Walt Disney World can sport one too -- a beard.

From next Friday, front line male employees at Disney's parks and resorts will be allowed to grow a beard in the biggest change to the company's conservative, clean-cut dress code since pantyhose became optional for female employees in 2010.

The change came during the company's periodic review of employee requirements, and had been requested by some cast members, which is what Disney calls employees who work face-to-face with the public, Disney spokeswoman Andrea Finger said.

"We're careful to maintain our heritage and the integrity of our brand," Finger said. The brand includes the 'Disney Look,' described as fresh, clean, neat and approachable. Facial hair had been banned at the Disney company since the 1950s.

Clinton said the response by younger workers to the change was, "Finally, I can take a vacation and grow a beard." Disney is also instituting casual Fridays when behind-the-scenes workers may wear neat jeans and polo shirts.

Did you know?
Disney female employees cannot grow their finger nails beyond a quarter of an inch past the fingertip

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