After protests, school says won't expel child with learning disability

The Sungrace school issued a written statement to the parents of 5-year-old Faragh, who has learning disability, maintaining that it had never threatened to expel their child from school. This development came after a delegation, led by Maha-Parents Association (MPA), protested outside the school.

Faragh's parents had claimed the principal of the school, Prabahvati Pillai, told them to enrol their child in a special school, threatened to expel him and even refused to accept school fees. The child, currently admitted in kindergarten, has health problems and a learning disability.

The MPA delegation took a step after a certain NGOs forced them to intervene in the matter and asked the principal for an explanation. Pillai stated that the communication between her and the child's parents had been overplayed and misinterpreted, and that she had only suggested that they admit Faragh in a special school.

"We presented the child's previous term report card to the delegation, which shows he has failed in all subjects and is struggling to write even basic alphabets. Faragh's grasping power is not strong," said Pillai.

The school claims that despite repeated requests, the parents did not submit the boy's health certificate.

"The child should understand what we teach. It's the parents' responsibility to take care of their child," she said.

"If the child is forced out for such insignificant reasons, then it is wrong. Why did the school give admission to the child if he had learning disability? If any issue crops up after a few years, it should be dealt with amicably," said Nilesh Mahajan, MPA member.

The school has given in writing to the delegation that it will not drive out the child as it is against education rules. "We don't conduct interviews during admission, but just inform parents about school rules and regulations. It was only after a few months that we realised the child had health problems. However we'll see what can be done next," Pillai said.

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