Aga Khan Palace

While the pictures on display are copies of the original photos, they are very informative.

A painting in which Mahatma Gandhi is reciting the Bhagvad Gita to Kasturba

However, we wish they were better maintained. The Aga Khan Palace was built in 1892. The speciality of this structure is that it has a 2.5 meters corridor extending around the entire building.

Main building of Aga Khan Palace. File Photos

Prince Karim Aga Khan donated this palace to the Gandhi Smarak Samitee in 1972 and since then, the Parks and Gardens organisation has been maintaining this garden. Mahadeobhai Desai (August 15, 1942) and Kasturba Gandhi (February 22, 1944) breathed their last in this palace.

An old photograph of Mahatma Gandhi and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru at Aga Khan Palace where Gandhiji and his wife Kasturba were interned from 1942 to 1944

Their marble memorials are beautifully designed by the famous architect Charles Correa which can be seen over here. The statue of Mahatma Gandhi also stands here. Apart from this the items used by Mahatma Gandhi including his writing desk, his bed, Kasturba’s saree and her footwear are preserved here. It is open on all working days except national holidays. 

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