'Ageing' Tiger Woods may go fully bald

New York: Tiger Woods may be pushing hard to win another Major, but in his pursuit, the legendary golfer is going super bald as he nears his 39th birthday.

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods 

However, the US golfer is absolutely at ease with ageing. "I'm comfortable with it. My hairline is not," Woods told Fox Sports.

Asked whether he would one day be bald, he said: "I think I will but I'm fighting for the cause, I'm fighting it hard. It's a no win fight but I'm hanging in there."

Woods said he is chasing the all-time PGA wins and majors records. "I think there are two goals that are pushing me right now.

One is get the all time win record, only three back of Sam (Snead) on that one. Obviously the major record, I'm four back of Jack (Nicklaus)," Woods said.

"I've got to put it in perspective I've done this for 19 years, and I have had 79 wins. That's a pretty good clip."

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