Ahmedabad: Goats fell unconscious after consuming liquor

Mar 20, 2015, 18:18 IST | PTI

Ahmedabad: In a bizarre incident, some goats in Kheralu town of Mehsana district fell unconscious after they consumed liquor that had accumulated in an open plot after police there destroyed liquor bottles seized in raids.

"The goats of cattle-rearer, Ramesh Patni, fell unconscious after they consumed liquor, bottles of which were destroyed in an open farm on Tuesday by police," Kheralu town police inspector S H Bawa said.

Ahmedabad: Goats fell unconscious after consuming liquor

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Kheralu police, sub-divisional magistrate and other high-ranking officials were present there to monitor the disposal procedure but some amount of liquor must have accumulated in small puddles across the farm, Bawa said. The police had crushed the liquor-bottles by using a road-roller and disposed them, he said.

Patni said the goats consumed the liquor after finding it 'tasty' and then fainted. He said he was bemused on finding his some goats tipsy. The goats regained some consciousness after 12-14 hours of the incident, he said. Patni feed them some butter-milk to ease the effect of alcohol and tied them in his cattle-shed so that they could not create ruckus.

Kheralu Regional Officer N S Gadhvi, meanwhile, accused police of negligence.

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