The Air India flight that that caught fire mid-air and had to make an emergency landing at Delhi's Indira Gandhi International airport on Monday evening apparently had 30 Mumbaikars onboard.

Air India Khajuraho-Varanasi-Delhi 405 flight made an emergency landing on runway 09-27 at New Delhi airport. Smoke could been seen from the undercarriage after which the pilot opted for an emergency landing and evacuate the passengers.

All 146 passengers onboard were evacuated safely, however minor injuries were sustained by five of the fliers in the aircraft that was manufactured 21 years back.

Firefighters of the Delhi International Airport Pvt Limited (DIAL) reached on the spot and doused the blaze.

Officials said some people sustained minor injuries while evacuation as one of the emergency doors did not open properly.

According to officials, the runway that was closed for around an hour for the emergency landing resumed it's operations around 9pm.


An Air India official, however, said, "Air India flight 405 Varanasi-Delhi had an emergency landing due to hydraulic leak. This resulted in few sparks at the nose wheel. There was no fire. All 146 passengers were evacuated safely and taken to terminal building. No passenger was injured. Runway 27 has now been cleared. All passengers are being served dinner and taken care of."