It has everything you could ever want in an impressive air liner - it's big, powerful and (most importantly) can stay in the air.

But the Airlander 10, which holds the very nice title of world's largest aircraft, is being mercilessly mocked on Twitter by people who think it looks a bit like a... well, you can make your own minds up.

Watch the video of the Airlander 10 taking off

Video courtesy: YouTube/ Hybrid Air Vehicles Airlander

The huge craft is a hybrid air vehicle being developed in the UK. It's the length of a football pitch and as high as six double decker buses - an impressive feat for engineering.

But it's the startling resemblance to Kim Kardashian's derrière that's capturing the imagination of the masses.

What do the designers say about its cheeky look? Well, there is an explanation.

A still showing the Airlander 10 from the video above
A still showing the Airlander 10 from the video above

Chris Daniels, of Hybrid Air Vehicles who make the Airlander 10, said: “Its shape makes it aerodynamic. The carbon fibre airship can also fly for five days without refuelling and stay floating, unmanned, for three weeks. It can work in extreme temperatures and hover above the ground, making it perfect for humanitarian work too.

Chief test pilot Dave Burns says it’s a dream to steer.

He said: “You can fly it around like a glider. It’s not going to fall out of the sky because it’s not heavy.”

Well, we're impressed - but it seems the designers have still got a way to go before Twitter stops seeing a giant bum.