Airline's 'Hug A Pilot' scheme gets stewardess pregnant

A teenage stewardess became pregnant with a married captain's baby after they took British Airways' Hug A Pilot scheme a bit too far.

The airline bosses, with the motto 'To Fly, To Serve', had ordered the cabin crew to socialise with cockpit colleagues to boost their morale.

It is believed that the stewardess slept with the captain earning 100,000 plus pounds-a-year during a boozy stopover between flights.

"The Hug A Pilot edict was not supposed to lead to this," the Sun quoted an insider as saying.

"It is an example of a night out which got out of hand," he said.

Although the Captain had initially denied having sex with the hostess, but later he did confess to a "moment of madness".

His wife, who also works for British Airways, is said to be devastated but has still decided to stand by her husband.

The stewardess has been grounded due to her condition and has been moved from Airlines' base at Heathrow's Terminal 5 to a regional engineering centre to keep her out of the wife's way.

"The girl's pregnancy and move to engineering is the talk of the airline. She was stunned to find she was expecting, but wants to keep the baby. She will be looked after financially because of the captain's pay," the insider added.

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