Ajab, gazabb film!

If only nepotism was subtler in Bollywood, this film wouldn’t have been such a pain. Produced by Vashu Bhagnani with the sole objective of re-launching his son, Ajab Gazabb Love delves more in creating a hero out of Jackky than anything else. To make matter worse, you’ll wonder whether Sachin Gadhvi actually directed the first two installations of Dhoom. Yes, this flick is that bad!

The film begins with a richie-rich guy who is obsessed with cars but eventually falls for a girl who is allergic to moneybags. And that’s when the fun ride kick-starts as the plot follows all the trouble he and his family undergo to keep her from knowing that they are indeed wealthy. While they are at it, the parameters that separate the haves from the have-not is initially ridiculed but eventually overcompensated with some preachy sub-plots. No wonder loopholes are bound to take birth under such circumstances. For instance, we never get to know the fate of his so-called dream car!

Jackky Bhagnani and Nidhi Subbaiah in a scene from the film.

The few highs of the film happen solely thanks to Kirron Kher and Arshad Warsi’s ridiculous yet engaging comic acts. Other than those, there aren’t many moments to cherish. In fact, Arjun Rampal’s mustached double-role performance is several notches higher than his mannequin deed in Chakravyuh. Darshan Jariwala is brilliant as the hero’s supercool father. Nidhi Subbaiah serves the purpose of an eye candy quite efficiently. What fails is the lousy script.

Furthermore, catchy songs that don’t connect much with the ongoing screenplay explicitly overshadow the movie. And in each one of them, Jackky can be seen prancing around shirtless as if he’s a pop star who can dance and sing at the same time. Needless to add, hamming seems to be the ultimate mantra for a majority of the cast.

Going back to the very motive behind this film, entertainment can apparently afford to be senseless. At least that’s what the makers of this rather avoidable movie believe in. They might well make a documentary on the protagonist of the film very soon.



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