Kangana Ranaut
Kangana Ranaut

Not only is Kangana Ranaut's letter to Saif Ali Khan - exclusively published by mid-day - beautifully articulated, it also epitomizes grace under pressure.

Written only a few days after the actress survived a major accident during a shoot, which required 15 stitches on her forehead, Ranaut's high-minded epistle effortlessly lifted the 'n' word debate into the sphere of ideas and principles.

To cheer the actress as she recovers in a hospital in Hyderabad, we had texted her the famous couplet from Rumi (later made even more famous by Leonard Cohen), 'There is a crack in every thing, that's how the light gets in.'

Prompt came her reply: "For sure. This is my fifth major accident in which I've lost blood and required stitching. Haha!"

Yep. That explains a lot!