Sajid Khan is excited to work with Ajay Devgn for their upcoming film, calls him one of the best, two years after sister Farah called the actor 'highly over-rated'

It has been two years since Farah Khan called Ajay Devgn an over-rated actor on national television as she appeared on Karan Johar's chat show.

And now the choreographer-turned-director's brother Sajid Khan has signed Devgn for the remake of Himmatwala. In fact, the director even addresses the Devgn as 'one of the best actors in the country'.

Talking about the chat show episode, Sajid states, "I didn't know because I've never seen the episode. I don't know if she said that and why. Personally, I think Ajay is one of the best actors we have in the country.

And there's no role he cannot do." In fact, the director goes on to even admit that Farah and he don't even discuss work with each other. He says, "We keep our personal and professional lives separate.'

Incidentally, the director will design the action for his film with Devgn too, just like in Housefull 2. "I've been an action buff all my life.

For me, action is not complete without emotion, and at the same time it's about heroism more than anything else," confesses Sajid.

 The director further adds that these action sequences were designed for another thriller he had scripted, even before his directorial debut. Out of those 25 sequences, he picked a few for this multi-starrer.

Sajid is now looking forward to his venture with Devgn. As he says, "Ajay himself is a great action director. And the three-four action set pieces I've designed for our film will live up to the title. He'll be presented as a hero because I don't like heroes being presented as common people."