"High Court has given a very clear order. Let us hope that pilots follow the High Court judgement. Every thing is negotiable but they must reach out to us first," Singh said. Holding that interest of the airline and passengers was of paramount interest, the Minister said, "They must make sure that Air India does not lose credibility."

The Delhi High Court had yesterday held the strike illegal and barred the pilots from any protest action. Despite the Court order, the pilots remained defiant and said the agitation would continue till their demands were met.

Around 200 Air India pilots owing allegiance to Indian Pilots Guild (IPG) had reported sick on Tuesday resulting in cancellation pf six international flights yesterday and around 20 flights today.

The pilots have been protesting against rescheduling of Boeing 787 Dreamliner training and matters relating to their career progression. Singh said the Justice Dharmadhikari penal report, on integration of workforce of erstwhile Air India and Indian Airlines including promotions, has already considered the issues raised by the agitating pilots.