Akshat Verma, known for penning the black comedy 'Delhi Belly', got offended by a person on the set of his upcoming film 'Bombairiya', in which he will play the role of a director named Arif Hussain.

Akshat Verma
Akshat Verma

During an outdoor shooting, Akshat got offended by a T-shirt worn by a person named Gopi Ahuja, who refused to change it as he got it as a gift.

The T-shirt featured Homer Simpson who some people think bears a resemblance to Akshat.

However, Pia Sukanya, who is directing the film, lost her cool and gave an impromptu exercise to Akshat and the person to sit together and sort out the issue, which finally cooled both of them down.

“I'll admit. It was actually me playing a joke on Akshat by choosing the Homer Simpson T-Shirt. He seemed to take it in good sport at first, then he kind of lost it and started pushing people around," Sukanya said in a statement.

"Maybe it was the heat affecting all of us that day, or maybe he was method acting in which case he was too good. One thing I've discovered though, is there are no friends on film sets,” Sukanya added.

The film is expected to finish the second schedule by September.