Tragedy was averted at the Sakinaka residence of a 27-year-old man, who was convinced by the police, who arrived there in the nick of time, from taking his life. The man, who was an event photographer, was posting suicidal messages on WhatsApp, which a friend noted and alerted a police officer on September 6. The man lived in a two-storey building with his parents staying on the ground floor. He was about to hang himself as he was depressed about his wife leaving him a few months back following a domestic quarrel. He and his parents were not on good terms as well.

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According to The Times of India, upon receiving the alert from the man's WhatsApp group member, police officers reached his residence and rushed to the first floor where he stayed only to find it locked from the outside. His parents were on the ground floor, unaware of the development. The police team attempted to gain access from the structure's roof during which a beat officer negotiated with him through a gap in the window and managed to convince him against taking his life within 15 minutes.

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An officer from the Sakinaka Police Station said the man is normal now after receiving counselling. The cops' timely arrival apparently stopped a tragedy from occurring.

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