Alia Bhatt brushes up on current affairs

Jun 29, 2014, 06:10 IST | The Hitlist Team

After her now-famous faux pas on Koffee With Karan where she blurted the name of the President of India as Prithvi Raj Chauhan instead of Pranab Mukherjee, Alia Bhatt has been brushing up on her GK.

Alia Bhatt. Pic/Nimesh Dave
Alia Bhatt. Pic/Nimesh Dave

The actress, who was made the butt of jokes on social media circuits after that incident, decided to make some efforts to get to know more than what she does. Her father, filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, who is a walking encyclopedia on any subject under the sun, also ensures that his daughter is well aware about current affairs.

Recently Alia was in Kolkata, so daddy dearest called her to remind that Mamta Banerjee is the Chief Minister of West Bengal. He also told her that the City of Joy is painted white and blue as they are Mamta didi’s favourite colours and private buildings get tax waivers when painted in those hues. She has also been reading up a lot on subjects other than movies and music.

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