All in a day's work: Raghu Ram takes on Narendra Modi, Modi bhakts and BJP

Raghu Ram criticises Prime Minister Narendra Modi for making a 'blooper' while campaigning in Kerala, baits Modi bhakts and finally takes a swipe at BJP for being 'sad' with Delhi's improved air condition

TV producer Raghu Ram, of 'Roadies' fame, has time and again taken on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and been trolled for his comments.

But being trolled is not something that has stopped the Raghu, who is famous for his acerbic tongue.

Raghu Ram of 'Roadies' fameRaghu Ram

Raghu Ram Ambadapudi, who is one-half of the brains behind popular TV shows like 'Roadies' and 'Splitsvilla' -- the other is his identical twin brother Rajiv Laxman, frequently takes on the BJP and the Prime Minister over social issues. And the last 24 hours has seen Raghu, who is a known Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) supporter, in full flow on Twitter as he has once again criticised Narendra Modi, this time for making a 'blooper' while campaigning in Kerala, then baited Modi bhakts to troll him and finally took on the BJP for being "sad" with Delhi's improved air condition.

He started by criticising Modi for getting his facts wrong while campaigning in Kerala and comparing the state with Somalia. He also pulled up the PM by showing that Kerala beats Gujarat in every criteria in terms of quality of life in comparison to Gujarat.

He then baited Modi bhakts by showing how the timeline of how the BJP lost the plot in Uttarakhand.

Raghu then toook on the BJP for being 'sad' that Delhi was no longer the most polluted city in the world.

Well, if this doesn't get him trolled, then nothing would. But then again who's afraid of a troll? Surely not Raghu.



  • Amit13-May-2016

    Oh he did bettered his "Swami" Kejriwal in foolishness. The pollution data is from 2010-2015.. well before Odd even experiment. People of Delhi should bring Sheila Dikshit back against who AAP had spread a misinformation campaign. Second he did not mentioned anything about Rawat Sting operations. Horse Trading who ? Third, it was not Modi who first compared "IMR" of ST kerala against Somalia (requires common sense to understand it is not Kerala vs Somalia, but he lacks).

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