All quiet at Kalmadi house

Jan 20, 2012, 06:31 IST | Priyankka Deshpande
In stark contrast to the festive atmosphere at the Congress party office, the mood at city MP Suresh Kalmadi's residence was sombre yesterday. While the party office was abuzz with excitement even as interviews of aspiring candidates for the civic polls were conducted, outside the MP's home all was quiet. 

Not at home: City MP Suresh Kalmadi's house off Karve Road yesterday. 
The family had reportedly left for Delhi, leaving instructions that the 
gates should be kept closed. Pic/Krunal Gosavi

Even after the news of Kalmadi's bail was flashed on TV, his supporters did not express their joy on the roads of the city. Talking about the development, almost all senior members of the party told the media that the decision on accepting Kalmadi back in the party would be the prerogative of the All India Congress Committee and the party city unit did not have the right to take a call on the matter.    

At the MP's house off Karve Road, some people present at the residence said not a single party worker had come there to show his support for the leader. The sources also said that when Kalmadi was arrested in April last year, they had witnessed a huge crowed of workers gathered to show their support. 

The sources said Kalmadi's family had left for Delhi two days ago. They said the family had instructed the house staff to close the entrance gates since morning. A trader from the vicinity said, "The crowd around Kalmadi's house has thinned since Thursday morning after the television flashed the news of Kalmadi's bail." 

The trader added that he had seen some Congress workers at the chowk on Karve Road but they did not come over to the house. A Kalmadi aide, who requested anonymity, said the MP's family had left for Delhi two days ago and his supporters were also now going to Delhi. The source added that Kalmadi was likely to arrive in the city late today after fulfilling judicial formalities. 

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