The Harry Potter series might be over, but fans have a lot to look forward to this year. A Harry Potter tour is opening at the original sets of the film series in Leavesden near London, which has been converted into a tourist attraction. Visitors will be able to walk around the Great Hall, look in on Harry's dormitory and marvel at Dumbledore's office. CS takes to on other film tours that have become huge tourist attractions:

The Twilight treat
You can now get your own Twilight-themed vacation. The tour is run by Twi-Hards who will pick you up in a luxury car and take you on tailored excursions to relive moments from the film, visit sets from the second film, New Moon, or help you camp outside the cast and crew's favorite bars and restaurants for a photo opportunity.

Sherlock Holmes Museum
A literary icon, Sherlock Holmes lived in a lodging house at 221b Baker Street, London, where you will now find a museum dedicated to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's fictional sleuth and his companion, Dr Watson. Tours of the museum relive the simple splendour of Holmes' Victorian dwellings. Visitors can pose in Holmes' armchair, see Dr Watson's bedroom on the second floor and browse exhibits containing personal possessions, handwritten case notes, etc

Sweeney Todd at the London Dungeon
The London Dungeon in London Bridge has an exhibit dedicated to Todd, where visitors are greeted by Mrs Lovett at her infamous pie shop. Using animatronics and binaural special effects, visitors can experience the feeling of having Todd right behind them giving them a shave. These spooky walks lead you through the streets of Piccadilly and Fleet Street. Bell Yard, the venue of murder in the movie is also near

The Chronicles of Narnia
An hour North-West of Auckland, a dark region of the Woodhill Forest was used to portray the camp of the White Witch of Narnia. It's now popular with tourists who have a passion for mountain biking. In the Auckland suburb of Hillsborough, you can't miss seeing the grounds of Monte Cecilia House, which doubled up as the grounds of the mansion where the children in the film are holidaying. Flock Hill Station in North Canterbury was the setting for final battle. 

Dart stables ride of the Rings
You can be transported to MiddleEarth astride your own steed! Following the beautiful drive along the shores of Lake Wakatipu, passing Ithilien and stopping enroute to admire The Misty Mountains, you eventually arrive in Paradise where your ride starts. Winding through the golden woods of LothlArien, passing Amon Hen, the track opens up and the Golden Mile begins. New Zealand is the place where the Lord Of The Rings was filmed.