All-women group to perform today

A group of housewives, college students and professionals from Tilak Nagar will perform dance-acrobatics on Ananth Chaturthi

Every day for the last one month, the Samaj Mandir Hall at Tilak Nagar has seen a group of 30 women practicing dance to pay tribute to Lord Ganesh.

This all-female troupe is made up of college students, housewives and working-women who will perform at the procession that will mark Lord Ganesha's final journey. They will use traditional instruments like the Lezim and Zanj.

The Tilak Nagar mandal celebrates its 62nd anniversary this year. But the all-women performance troupe is a recent addition. The group was born two years ago, when the mandal encouraged women to participate in festivities.

While other mandals have a mixed group of men and women putting up dances, this only-ladies group is known to showcase complex formations and pyramids during the course of the dance.

"We wanted to do something special to celebrate our anniversary, so we discussed our plan with senior members of the mandal. They appreciate the effort," said Siddhi Vaidya, a member of the troupe.

This year, the group of 36 women will divide into groups of 18 each. This year, the group has been trained by Vivek Tamankar, a professional choreographer.

"The performance is our way of showing respect to Ganesha," says Ashawari Bhave, a 32-year old housewife who has been a part of the troupe since its inception.

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