All work makes Men in Blue dull

Batting legend Sunil Gavaskar may have raised a pertinent point when he criticised the move not to have any tour game scheduled between the last Test match in Sydney and the next one in Perth. Also logical was his call to use up the extra day for practice since the Test match ended inside four days.

However, the criticism Mahendra Singh Dhoni's men copped in some sections of the media for indulging in go-karting at Perth yesterday was a bit over the top. A day to unwind may have been what the cricketers were advised to use by the team bosses. Skipper Dhoni is no fan of over-training and likes his players to be mentally fresh. While there may be pundits who don't agree to the view, it's his team in many ways and he'll have to accept criticism when it comes along.

It must not be forgotten that Dhoni is a World Cup-winning captain and no leader/team can earn cricket's biggest prize without a good deal of commitment. The 2011 World Cup win apart, Dhoni was captain when India ended up atop the Test charts in 2009.

The need of the hour for the media and the discerning cricketing fraternity is to have perspective. This does not mean spare the whip in a catastrophe. Sure, the team deserved to be slammed for losing consecutive Test matches in comprehensive fashion, but to haul them over the coals for undertaking an activity (go-karting in this case) that would probably help them get mentally sharper seems unfair. 

Also, how about giving the Australians more credit for their wondrous show in Melbourne and Sydney? They were deserving winners all the way. The India team has three full days to train before the first ball is bowled at the Western Australia Cricket Association ground on Friday. However inauspicious Friday the 13th sounds, today is only Tuesday the 10th.

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