Washington: Its George Clooney's newly wedded bride Amal Clooney who is Barbara Walters' most fascinating person of 2014.

George Clooney with wife Amal
George Clooney with wife Amal 

During her show, Walters introduced the 36-year-old Oxford-educated UK based barrister, who had married the Hollywood megastar in September, implying that that she definitely had something "to fascinate the most fascinating man," adding that though they may not know much about her, her husband was well known, the CNN reported.

Back in a 1995 interview, the actor, 53, had famously told Walters that "I'm never going to get married again" and Amal being able to break that vow was what got her the "most fascinating" title.

Walters said that the beauty hadn't been the subject of jealousy that much, possibly because it was "impossible to resist perfection" or maybe people found it touching that "no matter how long it may take the perfect someone is out there for everyone."

Other stars who made Walter's fascinating people list were Taylor Swift, Michael Strahan, Chelsea Handler, Oprah Winfrey, Scarlett Johansson, Elon Musk, Neil Patrick Harris, George R.R. Martin and David Koch.