Amanda Bynes' psych hold was planned by Britney Spears' former manager

Washington: The person who tricked Amanda Bynes into psychiatric hold is reportedly the same guy who created "life-threatening peril" for a then-unstable Britney Spears.

Amanda Bynes and  Britney Spears
Amanda Bynes and Britney Spears. Pics/Santa Banta 

The person identified as Sam Lutfi, who was Spears' former manager, contacted the 28-year-old actress and convinced her to sue her parents, reported.

Lutfi was the one who got the actress to fly to L.A as he was secretly working with Bynes' parents and it was all an "elaborate ruse" to lure her out so doctors could place her on an involuntary psychiatric hold. Bynes was placed on a 72-hour psych hold which can be extended for 14 days.

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