Amu's life essentials

Like most of us, actor Amrita Rao too can't do without some people and things in life. Her mom is her confidant, buddy and her guiding light. Says Amu, "My mom is my lifeguard. I count on her for all my life saving issues. She knows me in and out. I can be myself and discuss anything and everything with her. It's so true that since God could not be everywhere, He made mothers." But besides her mother, Amrita tells CS about a few other things that she simply can't do without:

Girl power
My Blackberry is like a personal secretary and the messenger my means to stay connected with the world. I click photos, get feedbacks about things from my trusted experts and send personalised voice messages to people I love. I feel like a super girl as I have the power to communicate with whoever and whenever I want in any corner of the planet. And the fantastic part is that the messenger is free! (giggles)    

Music mania
My retro music collection is something that I just can't part with. It adds zing to my life. It makes my gloomiest days bright. So if ever I'm feeling low, I turn to listening to one of the tracks and it instantly lifts my mood. To tell you the truth, I have huge collection and I really take pride in it.

Beach babe
I just love the sea. I consider myself extremely lucky to be living in a city where I can walk on the beach or just sit on the promenade and let the sea tranquilise my soul. Just sitting on a beach watching the sunset or sunrise does wonders to my soul.

Cashing on credit
You will always find a credit card on me. It's the most important thing when you have little cash and lots on your wishlist! After all, one can never tell when the shopping bug might bite you (laughs).

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