An artist, a traveller

Oct 24, 2011, 09:37 IST | Prachi Sibal

German artist Joe Demetro, known for his experiments in clay, has now tried his hand at oil on board as part of a new exhibition titled Ornaments

Ornaments: Paintings and Sculpture by Joe Demetro will showcase the artist's latest works while he has been experimenting with oil on board. Eight of his paintings will bring to light the cultural experiences of the artist over the years. Hailing from the town of Waterloo, Joe is not a stranger to the country.

He moved to Delhi in 2001 as an art teacher prior to which he had spent a few years in the Gulf. Many of his works in terracota and other media have been exhibited in galleries in Delhi.

A sculpture by Joe Demetro

This exhibition in particular is about the artist's cultural experiences and the contrasts he has lived with. It captures on canvas the array of cultural differences he has experienced in the recent past, especially in the American Southwest and the Arabian Dessert.

Joe says through a released statement that the works are of a mere traveler making comparisons and how his love for the dessert is visible in them. He also says the works talk about how the spiritual association of the American Southwest with deserts and and that of Arabian deserts are drastically different.

Trained in abstract art, his works surprisingly betray his leanings towards all things abstract and are also influenced by Pop Art in small ways. Soak up some art this week and see the world through the eyes of a traveller and painter.

Where  Alliance Francais de Bangalore, Vasanthnagar
On October 24 to October 31
Call  41231343
Free Entry

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